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Regarding enrollment, people enroll by calling our general office number at 801-587-5433, or online at They can also come into our main office, in the Annex Building on main campus, to enroll. Enrollment for summer classes will begin around the end of March.

Registration will be available starting in April.

Storytelling                                                       MIN: 5                              CAP: 15               

Everyone loves a good story, but here’s the secret: it’s not the story, but the telling of it, that keeps listeners enraptured and makes the tale a memorable one. In this class, you’ll learn tricks that turn an ordinary tale into a spellbinding one: pitch, pauses, gestures, and eye contact, as we work with diction, pronunciation, and character voices. We’ll listen to expert storytellers, then try our stories with the class as our audience. We’ll also cover sources for unusual stories and props. Everyone is a storyteller! Unleash the storyteller within in this supportive, participatory class.


LLMT 417-001 * M, Jun 20-27 * 7:00-9:00 PM                                         

LOCATION: 9875 S 240 W * Sandy                                          

FEE: $59 + $2 special fee                                                                                                       

INSTRUCTOR: Carol Esterreicher               



Contact Carol My email is [email protected]
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