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Calendar and Schedule for 2018-19. Check each upcoming month (see left).


May 2018 through October 2018:

Enjoy Lunch Bunch Concerts at noon at the Utah Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City from mid-May through mid-September.

Carol and other Utah Storytelling Guild members will be performing again this year. We join musicians, dancers, and other performing artists to grace your leisure outdoor lunchtime in the charming Utah Gallivan Center's settings.

Each summer storytellers encourage each other to apply to participate as a storyteller/performin artist in the Lunch Bunch program. Attendance at these events is highly encouraged! Gary Hansen, Laurie Allen, Karl Behling and Carol Esterreicher are on the agenda this summer!

2018 Lunch Bunch Dates at the Utah Gallivan Center:
Requests for 2019 proposals should be available in January, 2018.

The full schedule can be picked up at the offices behind the stage. On line schedules will be posted soon after.

In 9 recent years Storytelling has been included among the other performing artists who demonstrate their talents. The Monday-Friday audience varies, comes, and goes during the hour. Look for the events either on the stage or in the grassy area (The Story Wall) west of the bridge.

Past Events Still Popular Free downloads!

Florida Storytelling Association's Story Camp organizers invited Carol to present the "Fringe" program she performed in Los Angeles in July of 2010 at the National Storytelling Network conference. See the What's New page for "Fringe" handouts you can download and print out the next time you consider telling a story "your way!"

Continuing in 2018
NLP Law of Attraction Seminars utilizes more than 36 books and DVDs in the Salt Lake County library system.

Four Senior Seminars are offered:

1. Laugh for the Health of It

2. Forgive for the Health of It

3. Be Thankful for the Health of It

4.Watch Your Language for the Health of It (because your body believes every word you say!)

Carol is a Master Practitioner of NLP and has provided workshops at the Sandy Senior Center since 1999! She continues to present interactive discussion seminars for book clubs and for Salt Lake County Senior Centers


2017 January and February (2013-2017)

Carol participated with other Utah Storytelling Guild members in a storytelling project in the Murray Public School system, The Murray Public Library, and the Murray Heritage Senior Center. The program is supported by Murray Arts and coordinated by Mary Ann Kirk in cooperation with participating school principals and Murray Heritage Senior Center administration.

2014-2015 and 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Carol continued to instruct and coach seniors at the Murray Heritage Senior Center.

The Murray Schools youth storytelling residencies which now include 10 professional storytellers, Members of the Utah Storytelling Guild, in the elementary and secondary schools.

Each year in March the finest of these evolving storytellers participate in the Murray Storytelling Festival.

Story Crossroads Storytelling Festivals I, II, III, IV

The Inaugural Festival (2016) Story Crossroads Festival was April 15 and 16.

The Festival continues each May and is held outdoors in the pavillions in Murray Park.

Carol performed on April 16th during two 15-minute Story Artist presentations.

Please note!
Five senior storytellers who attended Carol's 2016 workshop residency at the Murray Heritage Senior Center were selected to perform at the inaugural event of the Story Crossroads Storytelling Festival. The Festival is projected to take place annually each Spring.

2017 May 24th was held in Murray Park Pavilions #1,2,3, and 5.

2018 May 23 is the date for the Crossroads Storytelling Festival to be held again in Murray Park Pavilions. Evening programs are intended to be at the South Jorday Community Center.

November 1, 2018

This is the deadline for applying to be a "story artist" for the 3rd annual Story Crossroads Storytelling Festival.

Watch for this year's announcement and consider whether you may be a "story artist" for the th annual Story Crossroads Storytelling Festival in 2019.




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