Mom and daughter enjoyed getting ready for Mother's Day as they each made creative original cards when they attended "Terrific Tuesday" on
April 29, 2014.


/Families get help creating original Mother's Day cards.


Canyon Creek


Remember these!

Midvale Senior Center invited Midvale Elementary School students to enjoy Aesop's Fables, origami, and ice cream too!

Sharon Aitken, Midvale Elementary Clasroom Teacher, commented that the children especially enjoyed participating in the stories. (right)

Lori, Warner, Program Assistant at the Midvale Senior Center commented on how attentive the children were.


Tortoise and Hare Oragami (right)




















The Creeper is a railroad story from the 30 volumes of the Saga of the Sanpitch.










Click on
[Spoken and Written Word]. Select Storytelling from the drop down menu to view current announcements.

See Carol's updated premium page on Storyteller.net
Read her educational article on Word Play.


Alakazam -- We Have Talent Too!

July 30, 2010

March 25, 2011
Florida Story Camp

See [What's New] for free downloadable pdfs related to the above workshops!






Butterfield Canyon Elementary in the Jordan School District

Storytelling Assemblies illustrate a broad selection of fables, tall tales, folk tales, and historical accounts,









Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts
1st Annual Pioneer Arts Festival July 23, 2011
Wheeler Farm
Midvale, Utah



2009 photo
Florida Storytelling Camp

"Fables, Folk, and Fairy Tales -- My Way"
Library and School program


Learn more! View the slide show.

Audition Audio/Visual Slide Show CD 2009
This slide show follows Carol to many of the settings where she has performed.









Revelers at the Leonardo got to create fashionable head decor!

Families gathered to hear folk tales, fairy tales, fables and urban legends.

You have seen and heard Carol at these places:

  • This is the Place Heritage Park
  • Utah Arts Festivals 2007 & 2008
  • Red Butte Garden
  • Salt Lake City
    Public Library
  • Tantalizing Tales
    (5 annual events)
  • Solitude Mountain Resort (7 annual Christmas Eve Events)
  • Holladay Rotary Club Luncheon
  • Gallivan Center Lunch Bunch
  • Pioneer Park
  • Salt Lake County Libraries 2007-2009
  • Newcomers Lunch
  • Kanab Storytelling Festival
  • Farmington Storytelling Festivals 2004-2008
  • Salt Lake Freedom Film & Storytelling Festival at the Post Theatre Fort Douglas
  • University of Utah Metamorphosis Colloquium on Fairy Tales
  • Gardner Village Frontier Fest 2008
  • Salt Lake City 2008
    First Night
  • Jordan District public schools
  • Wasatch Elementary in Salt Lake City
  • Channing Hall School in Draper, Utah
  • Gale Center of History and Culture in So. Jordan, Utah
  • Scandinavian Festival, Ephraim, UT
  • Spring City Pioneer Day July 24, 2010
  • National Storytelling Network 2010 Conference/CA




Story Plus!

Magic You Can Do










Solitude Mountain Resort

Night Before Christmas 2004, 2005,
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010




The Salt Lake Tribune
Close Up

Salt Lake Tribune,
July 29, 2005
























Press Room 2019

Senior Seminars
At the Sandy Senior Center and Mill Creek Senior Center this year we have enjoyed topics that incorporate NLP principles as they relate to language use that supports positive results.

Laugh for the Health of it!
Forgive for the Health of it.
Your Body Believes Every Word You Say (practice "verbal hygiene.")


The Gale Center for History and Culture has hired Carol nearly every month to present a storytelling and take-home craft program called "Terrific Tuesday."

Check the South Jordan Journal for details and check this site's calendars each month.

At the Gale Center, April is the time we get ready for Mother's Day. The 100th Anniversarry of the establishment of this holiday was celebrated in 2014. April 26, 2016 we celebrated Spring!

2017 Murray Heritage Senior Center
Storytelling Residency

Carol's workshops were applauded by those who attended 14 hours of tutoring and practice. Five "graduates" performed at the Murray Storytelling Festival and they are invited to participate in the Salt Lake County-wide Storytelling Crossroads Storytelling Festivals each April in the pavillions at Murray Park..

Sylvia Milner said she appreciated "the expertise of the teacher" as well as opportuities to learn from others. She appreciated the encouragement from others and the opportunity to practice. She is one of the Five who represented Murray Heritage at the Story Crossroads Storytelling Festival.


Canyon Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care
recently invited Carol to host an evening of reminiscing the 1940's with the men's Cavalier Group.

At Canyon Creek we shared stories about the world War II era including the war, the movies, the songs, the life styles and after-war prosperity. The men's group and spouses enjoyed refreshments and stayed afterward to continue sharing their stories.

The Sandy Senior Center hires Carol to add her storytelling enhancement to the County's annual Senior Conference.


Carol is proposing to provide storytelling experiences in senior settings in Salt Lake County, Utah. Nine sites have been identified. Several could not wait for project funding and the project's no-cost programs that will be directed their way! They have already invited Carol to share stories from her extensive "menu" of possibilities!

Midvale Senior Center (Midvale, Utah) pairs with Midvale Elementary on April 27, 2012 as they enjoy a morning of Aesop's Fables. An Origami expert, Judy Iwamoto, and ice cream cones rounded out the morning!

2013 School Assemblies

At Rose Creek Elementary in the Jordan School District, two assemblies were presented. Enjoy the power point slides that served as a basis for Carol's presentation

Grades K-3

Grades 4-6

The Gale Center (left) South Towne Ranch (right)

Residents at South Towne Ranch Independent Living in Sandy, Utah enjoyed a storytelling program highlighting Superstitions on Friday, April 13, 2012!

The program at South Towne Ranch was also presented at The Gale Center for History and Culture in South Jordan, Utah on February 28, 2012 as the audience learned about the history of so many American and world-wide supersititions. This audience got lots of advanced suggestions for "Laugh at Superstitions" parties this year on April 13th and July 13th too.


2012 Scandinavian Heritage Festival in Ephraim, UT
May 24,25,26

This year Storytellers will again enhance the Festival celebrations with 7 half-hour segments on Friday, May 25 and again on Saturday, May 26. Carol Esterreicher is invited back to perform at two sessions on Saturday. Stories will include the first place prize winner (2010), The Little Telegrapher, the sentimental Ground Cherry Dresses (from 2011) and some favorite railrood stories, such as The Creeper which invite sing-a-longs as Joe Esterreicher adds his harmonica talent.

Check the Festival website for this year's updates.






The National Storytelling Network held its Oracle Awards ceremony in San Antonio, Texas on July 9th during the Texas Storytelling Festival. Carol received the Western Regional Award for Service and Leadership. She joins a prestigious group of honored and loved National and International Storytellers.

The results of Carol's initiative over 3 years ago can be celebrated when Storytellers, as performing artists, announce their programs and events in the category of "Storyteller" (rather than "Other") on Now Playing Utah's web site. http://www.nowplayingutah.com

Silver Pen Contest Winner

As a Storyteller, Carol has become interested in how writers create characters and convey emotions without the advantage of so many visual and vocal tools storytellers have.
She participates in a bi-weekly writing group where she intends to satisfy her curiosity about writers.

Her entry in the 2011 annual Silver Pen Contest earned her second place. The theme this year was "The Best Vacation Ever." She wrote about a family campground vacation in Disney World contrasting the magnificence of the Magic Kingdom with the mold, mosquitos, humidity, and mildew of the camping experience!


The National Storytelling Network held its 2010 Regional Conference July 29-August 1 in Los Angeles CA.

Carol was one of twelve storytellers who presented a "Fringe" session. See Alakazam -- We Have Talent Too! at 10:45 a.m. in the Beverly Hills Room at the Marriott in Woodland, Hills, CA. Learn how Carol tutored 5 of her students in speech therapy so that they could perform magic tricks as participants in their school-wide talent show.

Florida Story Camp

Carol has been invited to provide a workshop on "Fringe" presentations at the FSA annual Story Camp on March 25, 2011. She will present the highlights of the many details that go into planning, preparation, and self-promotion as well as presentation strategies.

Carol presents public library, scouting, and school programs that teach students how to create their own magic shows.


Schools and Libraries invite Carol to present assemblies and family storytelling gatherings.


Calvin Smith Library in Salt Lake County

After the story, parents helped their children complete a "magic fish" craft.





Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts 2010

At the Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim, UT, Carol portrayed the 15-year-old pioneer woman who became the first Chief Telegraph Operator!

Her presentation earned her First Prize in the First Annual Storytelling Contest to be a part of this festival.

Carol performed her prize story to the Spring City, UT Pioneer Day celebration's First Annual Storytelling Contest being promoted by The Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts organization





Florida Storytelling Association Story Camp 2009, March 26-29 afforded many photo opportunities and story sampler recording sessions for attendees. Carol attended workshops and training by nationally noted storytellers.

This is Carol's most recent photo posted on the Florida Storytelling Association's web site. Her CD is called "Fables, Folk, and Fairy Tales -- My Way."

Storytelling event announcements can be viewed on each monthly calendar page on this very carolstories web site.

Events open to the general public may also be viewed at http://www.nowplayingutah.com

Click on [Spoken & Written Word] and select Storytelling from the drop-down menu.


Saturday, July 18, 2009 -- a great success!
Create a Magic Show (Ages 7 and up)
West Jordan Library

Invite Carol to present this program at your school or club meeting.

Use your storytelling to make the magic tricks entertaining! Find just the right music, lighting, and props! You can do it!

Cub Scout Packs are encouraged to invite this program.

Christmas Eve Programs

Christmas Eve Carol was Storyteller for Club Solitude's Night Before Christmas for the 7th consecutive Christmas Eve, December 24, 2010

For testimonials, please visit [Applause]


First Night in Salt Lake City 2008-2009

Storytelling continues to be included among the vast array of performing arts to entertain a diverse crowd of individuals and families. See photos (left).

In April of 2008 a new web site was launched announcing performing artists' events state-wide. Storytelling is added as a category on the Spoken & Written Word button/link on the home page. Carol announces her events on http://www.NowPlayingUtah.com

When you want to know why audiences enjoy Carol's style of storytelling check Applause


The Traveling Tellers--Billie, Carol, Dan, Holly, Janine, Jan and Suzanne--storytellers from the Olympus Chapter of the Utah Storytelling Guild-toured the state responding to invitations to provide their storytelling programs to schools and other venues during the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 Utah Arts Council's Performing Artists Tour.

Currently these storytellers are available for hire to add that captivating and entertaining element to your events. You can locate each of them by their first names in the directory of The Utah Storytelling Guild.

Copy and paste the above link into your browser for a successful connection to the Utah Storytelling Guild.



In The Schools


"Balanced Literacy" Includes Oral Traditions--Storytelling!

In recent years, The Jordan School District's Literacy Specialists have orchestrated Super Literacy Events. Carol has participated as Storyteller at Southland Elementary, Quail Hollow Elementary, and Draper Elementary schools.

On January 6, 2009, Heartland Elementary had a Storytelling Assembly for Grades 4-6 to "kick off" their Storytelling project culminating in a Storytelling Festival on January 22!

On January 7th and January 28th, 2009 Butterfield Canyon Elementary invited Carol to present her Storytelling Showcase in two morning assemblies. Their Storytelling Festival was held on February 4th.

2009 through 2011...busy! busy! busy!
See [What's New]

Carol loves libraries!
Check out the Summer 2012 Theme: Dream Big.

Salt Lake County Libraries have discovered Carol's talent for combining stories with enticing follow up activities!

Story Plus! Magic You can Do
Seven library managers invited Carol to present her program during January and February 2008. In November, 2008 we cut a pilgrim in half. Call it "Turkey's Revenge!"

Look forward to more magic programs in years to come! Murray Arts in the Park, July 29, 2011 we enjoyed Stories and Magic in Pavilion #5.

When the Fall issues of Library Links appears at County Library check out desks, you can read about my programs on these 2011 monthly calendars: September | November | December.

Several parents consented to having their children's photos used to update Carol's Magic You Can Do brochure.

Look for the new magic brochure showcasing student magicians when you attend Carol's "Story Plus! Magic You Can Do program."










Carol has had the great pleasure of connecting with storytellers in Bend, Oregon. At the Spiritual Awareness Center, she told the Sacred Earth Tradition's myth: Gaia Creates Herself. See [Applause] for some of the appreciated audience response to Carol's presentation at that event.


For the "Lunch Bunch" Event at the Utah Gallivan Center Carol has shared stories during the 2006-2011 seasons. Check May, June, July, August, and September 2011 calendars for current dates.



2005 and 2006 October's "haunts" kept Carol busy at This is the Place Heritage Park. The event, Haunted Deseret, was the classic alternative to spook houses offering a menu of spine tingling tales. "The Warning," is the tale to be remembered!

A "Spinner of Smiles," the Salt Lake Tribune reporter called Carol. Indeed! The fable of the King of the Beasts and his bad breath was a surprise. Someone even won a lion hand puppet to use when she retells the tale. (below)

See Lynda Percival's article on storytelling and how Carol is sharing her variety of tales regionally with children and adults. You may download a (pdf) copy.

Salt Lake Tribune,
July 29, 2005





Community gatherings such as Taylorsville Dayzz for three consecutive years (right), the celebration of stories is contagious.


Children and adults often participate in the telling of the stories. Imagine being a grasshopper and singing "La Dee Da Dee Da Da" while the Ant chatters, "I'm so Busy!"

The Draper Days celebration included storytelling (below) among its sponsored children's events as well.

Stories are for the whole family!
Whether it's an Aesop's Fable, a "tickled tale" using word play, or a personal story, we enjoy the togetherness of sharing stories. The "thirst" for a good story brought many Draper Days celebrants to the Free Water Station!

Enjoy my Grandma's quilt! As we enjoy an Aesop's Fable, one of you can be the cat ("Meow Meow") and one of you can be the dog ("Ruff Ruff"). I'll be the fox!

Carol shares a wealth of stories with audiences ranging from preschool children to senior citizens. See Story Types.

She also provides workshops for Speech and Language Pathologists, Classroom Teachers, and school students. Her strategies are designed to support Language Arts Core Standards.

SCAMPER strategies, a book that Carol authored in 1995, has been a popular choice of educators for these many years. Some copies may still be available at http://www.amazon.com


Now You See It, Now You Don't is an instructional test that uses entertainment magic tricks to teach following directions and using verbal strengths to entertain in a communicatively pleasing way! Some copies may still be available at http://www.amazon.com

Visit the Products and Portfolio links for additional information.



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