Fables, Folk and Fairy Tales--My Way

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Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince




Strategies--FUNdamental Activities for Narrative Development

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Fables, Folk and Fairy Tales--My Way
Professionally recorded at 2009 Florida Storytelling Camp

Beeping Sleauty...Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince...The Three Piddle Ligs...("spoonerisms")

Favorite Presentations

Surprisingly Aesop (The Fox Without a Tail)
The Man, The Horse, and the Dog (North American)
The Three Piddle Ligs (Spoonerisms by Carol)
Porcupine and Raccoon Go Into Business (adapted from a Russian Folk Tale)

More Word Play Strategies:
Gold Spinning Guy -- No R sounds (lipogram word play)
Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof (substitution word play)

Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof .......
The Three Piddle Ligs


This resourceful and popular text, authored by Carol, has been available for ten years and still continues its usefulness. Carol uses SCAMPER Strategies as a basis for educators' workshops promoting literacy and story telling in particular.

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Carol's workshops relate directly to most states' language arts and fine arts curricula.

Although this book is now "out-of-print" the copyright reverts to Carol Esterreicher. She generously shares portions of her book in a variety of workshops varying from 1 to 3 hours in length.

Some copies are still available at Amazon.com while they last! Carol has provided educator workshops in the Granite School District and the Jordan School District. She taught a most enjoyable and memorable Spoonerism workshop to Sunrise Elementary 5th graders--at their teacher's request on the last day of school! Students created new versions of standard fairy tales incorporating these inventive speech patterns!

A similar workshop on Word Play Strategies was presented at the Community Writing Center on Sunday, June 29, 2008 during the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Unversity of Utah Metamorphoses Event 2008 presented Carol's storytelling programs.



Other Products

Watch this spot in upcoming months and learn how you may obtain some of Carol's ready-to-tell "tickled tales" employing "Spoonerisms,""Substitutions", or "Lipogram," These are available right now! Enhance your students' spelling and vocabulary skills. Teach story grammar and sequencing using these amusing and educational strategies!

A limited number of Tutorial CDs are available from Carol at her workshops. The stories include suggestions on delivery, relating to the audience and refining the word play strategies to fit your liking!

The SCAMPER strategy called
everse/Rearrange employs Spoonerisms to create amusing adapted tales.

"Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince"
"Beeping Sleauty"
"The Three Piddle Ligs"


"Gold Spinning Guy"

The SCAMPER strategy called Eliminate is used to tell an entire story while excluding a specfic sound. Example: Gold Spinning Guy (Rumpelstiltskin with no "R" sounds)


"Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof"

The SCAMPER strategy called Substitution employs novel English words substituted for the usually expected words in a tale. Example: Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof

Click on the [What's New] button and download the PDFs and listen to a sample of Carol's telling of each tale.



More "Tickled Tales" Carol already tells:

Gransel and Hettle
Licken Chittle
Loldigocks and the Bee Threars

The very popular Chright Before Nistmas has been performed at Storytelling Festivals in Salt Lake City, at Solitude's Mountain Resort, at Juan Diego High School's Enlightened by the Word Event in Draper, UT and at the Annual Salt Lake City Freedom Film and Storytelling Festival.

Your Part:

Be encouraged to use the model Carol provides.
Embellish it with your own creativity.
Invent your own spoonerisms and other wordplay strategies.

Add your personal touches to the stories.

Email Carol and share your enthusiasm for playing with words!
Invite Carol to entertain and teach your class, club, or organization how to create such foolishness "from scratch." (scrum fratch).

Tell your stories to audiences who will surprise you and laugh with you.


Read Carol's article: Why Word Play?

Read Carol's chapter on telling stories to seniors.
Find it in Sean Buvala's new collection entitled:

How to Be a Storyteller. Find it here:






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