Aesop's Fables teach us life's lessons!




Pig and Bear Go Into Business.. (Russia)
Make that "Porcupine and Raccoon Go Into Business!"

At the 2009 Florida Storytelling Camp we all had our choice photos taken. The was a great opportunity










Chinese Fighting Fan taught in Tai Chi utilizes the fan as a weapon. Chinese women are prepared to project their families against intruders by artfully using the fan in prescribed ways!


Fables by Aesop and other Folk Tales

Who was Aesop? Where did he live? Why are his stories still so popular today?

Carol's Aesop's Fables program often invites audience participation. As she gives the signal, you might be roaring like a lion, barking like a dog, or singing like the lazy grasshopper!

Lately a new wrinkle has been added --
"Surprisingly Aesop!"

How deliciously improbable can you get! When the Fox Without a Tail is so embarrassed that he makes up "unfoxy" excuses for staying home, You'll get the picture! The fable is still recognizable and the moral remains in tact. Yet, even Aesop would be surprised.

See if you can figure out what the lesson is in the story.
Aesop's fables address bravery and cowardice, generosity and stinginess, cleverness and dull wittedness. The full range of human qualities and emotions can be embodied in a fable. Aesop (pronounced: ee sop) was a master!

At one of the annual Freedom Film Festival and Salt Lake City Storytelling Festival audiences learned more at the Fort Douglas Post Theatre. "Echoes of Aesop" portrayed many of the fables attributed to him.

Animal Fables
The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Dog and the Shadow
The Cat and the Fox
The Porcupine and the Snakes
The Lion and His Three Counselors
The Crow and the Pitcher
The Cock and the Fox
The Lion and the Mouse
The Fox and the Grapes
The Tortoise and the Hare

People Fables
The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey
The Man With Two Wives
The Two Travelers and the Bear
The Milkmaid and her Pail
The Farmer and His Two Sons
The Bald Knight

Relationships with the Ancient Greek Gods
Jupiter and the Bee
Venus and the Cat


Animal Folk Tales of Africa

Have you heard about the time When Hippo Was Hairy?

Carol's collection of African tales about jungle animals holds the answers to this and other questions which had been puzzling you up until now!
Sing a safari song along with the drum beat!


Folk Tales From Around the World


At the Gallivan Center in August, 2008 Carol presented an hour that included these tales:

The King Who Believed Everything (Austria)
The Mixed Up Feet (Russian)
The Best Wish (Serbian)
The Argument Sticks (Native American)
Coyote and the Magic Words (Native American)
The Fox Without a Tale (Greek/Aesop Fable)
Chelm Gets a Computer (Jewish Tradition)

At the Weber State University Storytelling Festival 2011,
a student audience enjoyed...

The King Who Believed Everything (Austria)


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