We experienced a camping mood indoors at the Thanksgiving Gardens Children's Gardens in Lehi, Utah

The storytelling setting is in a room with a woodsy wall mural, so it was easy to pretend we were camping.











Camping, Forest, and Desert Lore

This is my newest page. It was prompted by requests for campground stories in Oregon and Utah. In addition, Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City requested stories with a desert theme during the month of October. Some forest and desert critters (such as snakes) find their way to both environments!

Camping and Forest

See Schedule Details for summer and year-round Camping Program.

Look for Camping, Fishing, Hiking Stories, Songs, and Humor to enhance your group's camping experience! Tales, fables, and legends about animals abound.

Stories emphasize real and fictitious woodland and desert characters:

The Porcupine and the Snakes (Aesop)
The Fox Without a Tail (Aesop)
The Magpie's Nest (Native American)
The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote



Camping, Fishing, Hiking--Shared Humor for Older Children and Adults
(the little ones don't really get it yet):

A Letter From Camp! (Don't worry!)
Did You See That? (hiking)
Mark That Spot! (fishing)
Pig! Pig! (biking)
Ice Fishing

Desert Lore

Start with The Bone Keeper.

This suspenseful desert legend is good any time of year and can add interest to a Halloween program too,





Coyote and the Magic Words <--Listen to the story's opening lines.! Coyote runs around making mischief and misusing the magic words the Maker-of-all-Things used to create a beautiful, peaceful, and magical world.

The 2009 Weber State University Storytelling Festival invited Carol to share Coyote and the Magic Words with school students who came on field trips to enjoy a full morning of stories in the Peery Egyptian Theater and several different ballrooms of the David Eccles Conference Center in Ogden, Utah. http://www.weber.edu/storytelling

Coyote and the Magic Words -- a tale based on Native American Southwest lore.


Camping, Boating, and Desert Songs:
My Paddle's Keen and Bright
Make New Friends
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Oh How Lovely is the Evening

Way Out In The Desert
Ten different desert animals call their babies to some action.

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