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Carol introduced Urban Legends to the audience

At the Utah Gallivan Center's Lunch Bunch venue and the Utah County Fair

Summer Season 2007

Legends and Myths
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Among North American Indian legends, there are a number of stories that relate to animals, their behaviors, their relationships to man, and their legacies. The Indians regarded animals as sacred.

The Magpie's Nest

The Great Spirit promises the bird nation great rewards for their industrious nest building. All but the magpie set out to please the Great Spirit. It is only after unwise delay, that the magpie is able to piece together a scrappy disorganized nest which continues to be a frustration as she tries to count her eggs!



How the Raven Found Daylight is a captivating (though lengthy) tale of the clever trickster, Raven, who restored the sunlight that was stolen from the earth. It is a North American Indian tale.

Other North American Indian Legends

How the Opossum Got the Rings on His Tale
The Rabbit and the Wild Cat
The Beaver and the Porcupine


Coyote and the Magic Words
by Phyllis Root

Coyote is a mischief maker. When everyone else is satisfied, he stirs up trouble! Salt Lake County Library audiences enjoyed participating in telling this story during September, October, and November, 2008. Local Artistic Director/Videographer & Filmmaker, Brian Fetzer filmed the presentation which served as the audition for this year's Weber State University Storytelling Festival.

Hear Coyote and the Magic Words on Monday, February 23rd during the 10:30 AM "Morning Magic" segment at the David Eccles Conference Center in Ogden, UT.

Gaia Creates Herself

Mystical, mysterious and rich with imagery, the tale of Gaia Creates Herself is but one of the many accounts of how the universe with its stars, planets, galaxies and other mysteries had their beginnings. This myth originates from the Sacred Earth Tradition, one of seven major religious perspectives.

Carol draws from many sources and particularly recommends Sacred Myths--Stories of World Religions--a beautifully written and illustrated volume by Marilyn Mcfarlane.

When relating the Gaia Myth, the Storyteller takes the listeners to the scene of the proposed "first event." As the earth is born, as it matures, and as mankind enters the scene, the repeated refrain "and still she spins" creates a sense of eternity.

Besides the Sacred Earth, other traditions Carol draws from as sources of sacred myths include: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Native American, Judaism, and Buddhism.

The Bone Keeper

This mysterious and compelling legend tells of a wise old woman who collects bones in the desert by day and pieces them together in her cave by night. She's creating a ghost creature which dramatically materializes as she puts the last bone into place. This story can be used to entertain audiences any time during the year including Halloween.


The 1st Annual Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point Gardens in 2005 brought crowds to enjoy the beautifully groomed flower beds and walkways. Members of the Utah Storytelling Guild entertained families in the Secret Garden--a "must see!"

Again this year, Carol told a North American Indian Legend--The Magpie's Nest. She included photographs she had taken on the University of Utah campus as Magpies were bustling about.

Carol also told the sweet story of The Fairy Tulips (also available as a Power Point presentation).


Urban Legends

Call Waiting
The Lipstick Mafia
Sedating Rover

The Ghostly Hand Print
The Shopping Mall Con Artist
The Cat in the Shopping Bag

Not Much of a Man

many others to come!




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