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Carol is routinely adding more story types to the menu!


Those desert tales are bound to include a coyote
(in winter) and perhaps a Jackalope too!


Senior Centers in Salt Lake County are inviting Carol to entertain at lunch time and at 90+ banquets!

She continues to develop an enticing program that includes comic perspectives on aging, folk tales, tales of reminiscence, and humor.



The Jewish Arts and Foods Festival invites storytellers. The November 12, 2006 event featured Carol and two other tellers. Carol told stories she has been adding to her humor tales and her wisdom tales. The requested Hanukkah story she prepared is called: Zigazak


In December of 2004, the Minister at Unity of Bend Church in Bend, Oregon requested that Carol present a story authored by the minister. A member musician accompanied the telling of the story on piano as he adapted his original music to match the mood and characters of the story called "Snowflake."

The sharing of the story was appreciated by all. The service, in keeping with the theme of "gently falling snow" included a soft and gentle vocal duet by two church members. Because she lives part of the time in Bend, Oregon, Carol has been listed in the Central Oregon Arts and Culture Directory from time to time along with other local storytellers.


Juan Diego Catholic High School; Draper, Utah
Event: Enlightened by the Word

In December, 2004 Carol was among the numerous storytellers and entertainers who were invited participated in a school-wide celebration providing a full day of workshops for the students.


Red Butte Garden wants tales with a desert theme!
Salt Lake City Library system librarians are recommending tales you will find listed very soon. October 22, 2005 was the date for desert tales at Red Butte Garden! Time: 6:00 p.m.--9:00 p.m.


Red Butte Garden is looking forward to more Storytellers this season.
Hear Carol's slightly scary tales: Who's Following Me? She's Got Me!
The Red Velvet Ribbon (a bit more scary). The Bone Keeper is likely to make an appearance too! Save the date for Red Butte Garden After Dark,
October 23, 2009.




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Requests for spoonerism stories are coming in as well as invitations to present workshops for teachers and students!

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