Mothers (and Grandmothers) are always in season!

No matter what the holiday or occasion--somebody's mother gets to be a "hero."

My Grandma

The quilts were made by
3 grandmas!

Ask about Mother's Day stories.








































































A family gathering where storytelling completed the perfect evening!


Christmas Stories Galore!

Poems! Songs!
Jokes too!

Learn a holiday magic trick too!

Enjoy Carol's programs for


family settings
senior centers
hotel/lodge guest settings


Traditional Stories, new stories, holiday humor, songs, poems and memories!

Christmas Eve entertainment at
Club Solitude






Hanukkah Tales and other from a Jewish Tradition

Adult Venues are increasing in Utah.

Look for home concerts announcements.














Woodstock Elementary students--got a howling
fun-filled morning full of Halloween stories at two assemblies on October 31, 2007!

"Ha Ha Halloween" was a blast at the South Jordan Library (2008)!


The Night Before Christmas at Club Solitude--guest accommodations at the Solitude Ski Resort yearly











Solitude Mountain Resort 2006

















Winter! Snow!
Until the last snowflake melts, enjoy the seasons' stories, songs, and poems.



Groundhog Day

Presidents Day

Valentines Day
















Any Season
"Story Plus"


"Story Plus"


The Day It Rained Hearts
















An "Attitude of Gratitude"

Seasonal/Holiday or Sentimental and Personal

Explore this entire page!

Dig deep and find the story treasure that will enhance your event the most.

Explore each month's calendar and links to schedule details.


The first two weeks of February give us plenty of time to prepare for
Valentine parties and exchanges, love stories, and stories of thoughtful kindness. The Day It Rained Hearts is one such charming story.

Leprechauns Never Lie, Clancy's Coat, and other stories Irish
Learn a trick--make gold disappear!

(Spring things, Easter, Tulip Tales, etc.)

Tulip Festivals

At these annual celebrations Carol has told a North American Indian Legend--The Magpie's Nest. She included photographs she had taken on the University of Utah campus as Magpies were bustling about building their nests.

Carol also told the sweet story of The Fairy Tulips (also available as a Power Point presentation for indoor Springtime events).

Another amusing highlight from Ukulele Legends (a CD available in Salt Lake County Libraries) was the twittering voice of Tiny Tim's musical rendition of Tip Toe Thru the Tulips With Me!

April is a good time to get ready for Mother's Day (in May). The Gale Center in South Jordan hosted a free event where families learned about the origins of Mother's Day. The children hand crafted beautiful and personalized Mother's Day cards.

(Sprinter in Utah, Spring elsewhere, Mother's Day everywhere; "Mothers Are to Love" Story Plus! craft)

Story Plus!


Mother's Day -- Year after year the stories collect and are waiting to be told again and again!

Carol's Story Plus! program includes a brief history of how Mother's Day came to be celebrated. Afterwards make a personalized Mother's Day card. Parents and children enjoyed this event at the South Jordan Library in May 2008. This popular event is available yearly in May or any other time you want to honor Moms and Grandmothers too..


(Remember Grandma! Remember Great Grandma!)

Personal stories connect us with each other as we experience what we have in common. One such "connection" is awakened by the word, "Grandma." We all have had at least one Grandma--or we wouldn't be here! Three different Grandmas made these quilts. They'd certainly enjoy knowing that their handiwork now enhances many story gatherings as listeners gather to share memories about their Grandmas! Here's what some have told me.

"My Grandma is skinny and she rides a bicycle."
"I like sleepovers at my Grandmas."
"When I want to do something or go somewhere, my Grandma says, 'OK.'"

Read Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul for inspiration about mothers!
You are bound to find a story that touches your heart!

Carol will share these and other favorites with you.

The Good Night Kiss
All the Days of My Life
As I Watch You Sleep
A Love Like That

Father's Day programs salute these wonderful parents and grandparents.
(Summertime celebrations and camping)

Gallivan Center Lunch Bunch June 26, 2012

July 1-12 plan to have a Friday the 13th "Laugh at Superstitions party."


During the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival the weekend before Labor Day, look for Carol at the Swappin' Grounds.

Summertime is Camping time!

Any place can be a campground whether it is your back yard or just your living room. Ask Carol about her campground program of stories and songs.

Any time can be "camping season." All year long, this storytelling program is a hit!

Plan to have a Friday the 13th "Laugh at Superstitions party."
Plan your party in August just to get really ready!

(back to school, childhood stories, and more)
International Peace Day

(Fall, Halloween and other Haunts)

Halloween and Fall

See the October 2013 calendar and reserve Carol as your storyteller for you seasonal events.

Some years Red Butte Garden has hosted a Garden at Night event including Carol among many Storytellers. Be sure to check their programs as well.

The Bone Woman...Too Many Pumpkins...The Strange Visitor...Lavender...The Rocking Cradle...The Red Velvet Ribbon....The Creaking Mantle.

Carol's stores are silly, surprising, scary, and sometimes slightly suspenseful. Ask for the combination that is perfect for your Halloween or Fall gathering. Ha Ha Halloween combines Halloween stories and jokes about ghosts, witches, pumpkins and other Halloween personalities.

What do you call witches who live together?
How do you fix a broken pumpkin?
What's green and mean and squeaky clean?


Home! School! Park! Creekside!

You choose the place!
Stories create the mood and the memories!


Seasonal or sentimental, stories inspire us to act, to appreciate, to be thankful, and to love.

A myriad of human emotions are evoked by a story told well.

Hold "an attitude of gratitude" during this and the many upcoming seasons of the year--and of our lives.

Carol tells "Gathering at Grandma's," a post-World War II Thanksgiving tale of gratitude for being together and enjoying the company of uncles (a sailor and a soldier) returned from overseas to enjoy the holidays in civilian clothes!

As winter descends upon us. The ski resorts open again. As we shop for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and other celebrations, consider Storytellers and how their touching performance can add to your events.

Some of Carol's popular Christmas stories include:

The Highway Christmas -- a rowdy story of family upset over where to put the Christmas Tree

Some favorite retold versions of Cynthia Rylant...

Silver Packages -- a story of generosity and repaying a debt.

Halfway Home -- a dad and a daughter share precious moments on the way home with a Christmas present for Mom.

A sentimental remembrance of the winter season...
The Best Little Wingman -- a little girl helps her dad clear the snow on country roads.


The Night Before Christmas and
The "Chright Before Nistmas!" Hear Carol tell it this way: Listen to the recording on this web site page! Close the recording before navigating elsewhere on this storytelling site.


Zig a Zak -- a mischievous Hanukkah tale of spirits wanting to upset a community's holiday celebration


New stories are added to old favorites each year!

Gathering at Grandma's is a personal tale of Post-World War II reminiscence. Carol will be telling this story and others during a growing series of home concerts intended for adult audiences.

Winter Holidays and Events

Christmas Eve 2004-2011 at Solitude Mountain Resort!

Carol continues to entertain guests staying at the lodge. The spoonerized "Chright Before Nistmas" has become a traditional hit.

Children guess what these nonsensical words were in the familiar version. One very polite youngster actually thought the storyteller was having difficulty speaking correctly! Santa Claus was there and even enjoyed a bit of Carol's humor:

What do you get if Santa comes down the chimney and there's a fire in the fireplace?

"Crispy Kringle" of course!

Favorite stories shared included The Christmas Tree Man, The Highway Christmas, Silver Packages, and Mommy's Christmas

Carol's storytelling was well-attended by resort guests and staff.
She is becoming an annual Christmas Eve tradition--
Be sure to consider Solitude Mountain Resort as you plan your own December get-away!

Salt Lake City Festival Foolishness!

At the Annual Freedom Film Festival and Salt Lake City Storytelling Festival, Brian Fetzer accompanies Carol's "Chright Before Nistmas" with his strumming on guitar as they politely dispute the correctness of the words. The Smothers Brothers themselves would enjoy this wacky exchange.


After the December holidays....

Carol has discovered a wealth of new stories celebrating the winter season!
Explore your county and city library resources and be delighted with the treasures you find. Get to know new authors, song writers, and poets.

My Mother's Got Me Bundled Up!

Stories Carol Tells with the Authors' Permission and Encouragement!
The Best Little Wingman
Cross Country Cat

Stories Heard Somewhere Over and Over Again
Boots at Recess

New Boots (Heard sung by John McCutcheon)


More Winter! More Snow!

Solitude Ski Resort's Program Planners continue to hire storytellers and other entertainers as well as providing enticing activities for resort guests. During the winter Carol provided "after-ski" evening storytelling times.


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Children at Thanksgiving Point Childrens' Gardens made ugly trolls after enjoying The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Think "Story Plus" when you invite Carol to tell to children

Carol offers this programs in other settings including public libraries.


Sing along some familiar songs such as "This Land is Your Land, This land is My Land" and "This is My Country." Then try some new July 4th songs sung to old familiar melodies such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat!" Celebrate indoors with "Bubble Works!"

Besides the sing-along and celebrating with "Bubble Works," groups of children and adults enjoyed a story about one of the best-loved American legends--Johnny Appleseed at Thanksgiving Point Children's Discovery Garden on July 2, 2005 during the children's activities from 10:00 a.m. until noon.

Participate in a "Red, White, and Blue Relay" race. Play "Make the Liberty Bell Ring" (with bean bags!). Make a "Flag Wind Sock." Besides stories and songs, consider adding these simple games to your holiday celebration on July 4th or on another patriotic holiday!


Fall and Back-to-School
Halloween and Thanksgiving

Whether it's sentiments evoked by going back-to-school--or going to school for the first time, mothers, fathers, teachers, and students have their stories to tell.

There are Halloween and Pumpkin patches were stories abound. Carol has told at This is the Place Heritage Park and at Red Butte Gardens during this lively and sometimes spooky season. Didn't someone turn a pumpkin into a magical golden coach?

Spooky Tales are in such demand that Carol just had to add some to her menu of Halloween Tales. Ask to hear these "G" rated thrillers and chillers:

The Creaking Mantle
The Rocking Cradle
She's Got Me!
Who's Chasing Me?
The Red Velvet Ribbon
The Old Man and Death (Aesop's Fable)

The Bone Keeper!
Carol delights in portraying this compelling desert legend as the Bone Keeper herself.



Stories that recall the First Thanksgiving
Fictional accounts that embellish the historical facts.
Stories of personal relationships and thankfulness.
Personal stories such as Thanksgiving at Grandma's House

Carol has performed Thanksgiving at Grandma's House for audiences of storytellers as well as storytelling festival general audiences.

It's amazing how the specific details of the storyteller's experience prompt our own imagery of the specific details of our own Thanksgiving memories!


(winter stories until the last snowflake is shoveled)

February Festivities are Fun!

Groundhg Day
Stories, poems, songs..... Salute the one "in charge" for a day!

Presidents Day
Remember George Washington's Courage and strength at Valley Forge.
What have other presidents contributed to our American heritage?

Valentine's Day
Enjoy the way idioms and word plays make up Valentines' sayings!
Stories tell us how the holiday came to be.

Speaking of word play, are we talking Valentines or vegetables?

Peas be mine.
Our friendship can't be beet!
Don't turnip your nose.
Get a one-carrot ring.
I 'ear you love me!

Some library resources provide material for Valentine storytelling and craft ideas too.

Carol tells "The Valentine Express" (plus!)
Plus Valentines and Valentine crafts projects!
Have you ever played Valentine tic tac toe?

Carol has provided "Story Plus" weekly activities for three years at Borders Book and Cafe in downtown Salt Lake City.


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