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Explore these links! Above all, personal stories are taking "center stage" as we realize the many things we hold in common and want to share! Tell your personal story!

Fables and Folk Tales |

Holiday and Seasonal | Fairy Tales

Legends, Urban Legends, & Myths |

Humorous |
Requests |

Camping, Forest, and Desert Lore |

Wisdom Tales
|Utah Pioneer History

More and more audiences are asking for the comical word play that Carol uses to tickle and twist a tale! Adults enjoy realizing how the familiar words are changed. The little ones love the silly sounding stories. Everyone enjoys the telling each in his or her own way!

Stories come in a variety that is bound to satisfy your taste!

Explore and Enjoy! Aesop's Fables--
these and many more ....

Carol is developing her own series called "Surprisingly Aesop!"
Aesop would be surprised at the amusing improbabilities Carol has included to embellish the standard versions!

Storytelling as a Folk Art--a "Living Art"

"I believe storytelling to be not only a folk art, but a living art Music in all it's forms is a living art in that it becomes a reality only when it is played. Dancing is a living art, for it lives only while you watch the movement, grace, interpretation of the dancer. So it is with storytelling: it lives only while the story is being told." --Ruth Sawyer

"Storytelling is an ancient form of expression that has been experiencing a Renaissance. In our modern media world, filled with preprogrammed imagery, storytelling offers the listener an opportunity to be creative; to design costumes, sets and scenery in the theatre of the mind. Sharing stories brings people intimately together." --Heather Forest

Personal stories are gaining in popularity because we all share personal experiences in common.

We all have grandmothers!
Nearly all of us have had memorable birthdays.
What about that first ride on a roller coaster!
How did you learn to skate? ride a bicycle? swim?

Tell us about your first day at school
or when your child experienced a first day at school.

Tell us what it's like to be a parent.
Tell people about the love of your pets!

Three years ago we rescued a little Persian princess from the local Humane Society. She enjoyed her last three years with us as we adjusted to the loss of our loved black cat, Midnight.
Do we have stories to tell!



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