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Humorous Stories

Read Carol's article, "Why Word Play." Learn about the educational benefits of this amusing approach to storytelling! Visit

Besides the humorous twists provided by word play, there are those short stories and anecdotes that tickle the funny bone as well. From the Jewish tradition we can enjoy the foolish tales of Chelm--just in time for Hanukkah!



The Sages of Chelm and their most illogical and complex solutions to an amazing range simple problems is a delight to explore. Chelm is an actual town in Poland. It is in this town that the Jews have claimed an overabundance of fools live. Carol is enjoying her adventurous research into many authors' collections!

Deliberations of the Seven Sages of Chelm
Which is more important. The Sun? The Moon?
Why is it hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

Tales from Chelm
The Mayor's Golden Shoes
The Feather Merchants
Nice Suit
The Penalty for Murder!
It Could Rain.


Kibitzers Galore!
Kibitzers give advice which often is not sought and
this advice is often not very good.

Here is one example.
The Sign: Fresh Fish Sold Here Daily



Christmas Stories with a seriously humorous side:

The Highway Christmas finds us traveling with Pa Pa, Christmas tree strapped to the top of the car, headed anywhere they'll be appreciated!

The classic Night Before Christmas takes on a humorous twist when Carol applies her word play skills to deliver "The Chright Before Nistmas!" Listen to it on


Hunting the Wild Haggis is a recent addition to Carol's favorite humor. Since visiting the Bend, Oregon Story Circle and learning of a fellow storyteller's trip to Scotland, Carol has become enchanted with this collection of Scottish folklore and "factoids" intended to capture the naive interest of tourists to the fair northern region of "Highlands and Islands."

Oh no! I just heard about Haggis juggling, and Haggis hurling!
My informant is that fellow storyteller who got me started laughing at this in the first place. There is so much more!





Camping/fishing/boating/hiking stories Carol enjoys telling:

(1) Did you see that? (two hikers enjoy different viewpoints)
(2) How long have you been a river guide? (from actual river guide experiences)
(3) There are no fish under this ice! (about a "blond" fisherman)
(4) A Letter From Camp..."Hello Mother, Hello Father"
(5) Pig!


There are reflections of childhood experiences:

"Gotcha Last" (a raucous account of two youngsters sharing one bed)

There are those stories about teachers' patience:

"These aren't my boots!" (teacher helps a child suit up to go home)





Drippin' Springs is an example of how important it is to pronounce names of places correctly.
A debate about the proper pronunciation of the quiet little Texas town results in a surprise.




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