First Prize Storyteller
at the annual Scandinavian Festival in
Ephraim, UT
May, 2010


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Utah Pioneer History

This is my newest storytelling pursuit. Having lived in Utah for 30 years, it's time I participated in telling of the rich tales of life and strife on the western frontier in the 1800's.

Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts is a new non-profit organization comprised of folklorists, musicians, dancers, authors, composers, and storytellers dedicated to the preservation of Utah's history and promoting this preservation through the arts. You can visit my home page on UPHA's site:

UPHA's site is only a year old. It will take a while to perfect. You can enjoy the "history" behind the evolvement of this organization and it's web site!

What's New?

The Widow Olsen's Pea Patch portrays a version based on an actual happening in San Pete County in the early 1800's. Clive Romney's eloquent and artistic version based on a recent article was the inspiration for Carol's portrayal of this sturdy woman who cared for her children and took in laundry to earn her living. An old cackling and noisy rooster plays a major part--for a while!

Carol used this 8-minute story for her 2009 live audition for the 2010 Weber State University Storytelling Festival held in February, 2010.

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