Dixie Tellers in St. George are being organized again.

John R Harrison, President is getting them back on track. Visit www.utahstorytelling.org to learn more about John.

Carol is teaching an
8-hour storytelling class in St. George this Fall. The Dixie State University Institute for Continued Learning is sponsoring the class.

See September and October calendars for dates.


2017 Murray Heritage Storytelling class Graduates

Six senior students were judged and invited to paricipate in the Murray Storytelling Festival on March 12, 2016.

Two senior students performed a the 2017 Murray Storytelling Festival

Five are invited to present their personal stories at the Story Crossroads Storytelling Festival.


















































My Childhood Home

Back Yard Between the Houses




See the new USG Logo introducing my Artist's Profile on Now Playing Utah.




First Prize Storyteller at the annual Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim, UT May, 2010

For her portrayal of Caroline Jensen, first Chief Telegrapher in the pioneer community of Ephraim, UT

She has continued to entertain Scandinavian Heritage Festival audiences in 2011 and 2012


Carol 's program of Urban Legends and Noodlehead tales took off at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City

12:00 Noon
Lunch Bunch

June 26, 2012

Look for more Storytellers Karl Behling, Janine Nishiguchi, Gary Hansen and Laurie Allenat the 2012 Lunch Bunch.











As Carol portrays Betsy Ross, she teaches how to cut a 5-pointed star with just a single snip of the scissors.



The Widow Olsen


























How Time Flies!

What was new in the recent past!!





































































Metamorphoses 2008!

The 2008
International Colloquium on Narrative and Folklore
will be held at the University of Utah on October 2-4, 2008

Here is what some people say..

"Carol, I always enjoy hearing you perform your unusual stories. You have such a unique depth of knowledge when it comes to words and how they fit into the English language. It's poetry!"

--Billie J. Jones, former President
Olympus Chapter/Utah Storytelling Guild
Toastmaster, DTM


















































































































What's New ... 2019

Dixie Tellers in Washington County Libraries.

John and Carol entertained this group on July 9, 2018 at the Santa Clara Library. We hear that we are welcome to come back again. Molly DeWolff, Librarian took pictures and invited us to post them too. So this is something to look forward to!

John Harrison, President of Dixie Tellers

Carol Esterreicher, Member Utah Storytelling Guild


2019 will be the fourth year for this annual event. May 23, 2018 was the date this year. Plan to attend the event! Current information can be found on the storycrossroads website.

Visit this website and keep in touch with annual events. April 15th and 16th 2016 were the days to enjoy Salt Lake County, Utahs First Annual Story Crossroads event. Five of Carol's Murray Heritage "graduates," as Community Tellers performed on stage.

Carol performed Magical Stories and Stories told in word play on Saturday afternoon, April 16th. For the full 2019 schedule visit


2017 was the second annual Story Crossroads event held at Murray Park Pavillions. Excitement is already generating as we look forward to the third annual Story Crossroads event--again at Murray Park in May, 2018.

Watch this page for updates and plan to attend!

Something Else New...
Carol's storytelling workshops share techniques she learned in a three-credit-hour course at the University of Utah.

Acting for Non-Majors convinced her that theatre arts principles can greatly contribute to excellent story telling. Her workshop describes how noting circumstances, back story, subtexts, moment before, moment after, and silence well-timed can add substance to a story well-told. The "fourth wall" that distinguishes acting from storytelling deserves a conversation! Let's get together and maximize all those available tools!

Carol has been making connections with senior centers in Salt Lake County and presenting storytelling events coordinated with the Fall and Winter holiday seasons. Including an introductory "reminiscence," creates just the right mood to transition into related stories. See Press Room for updates.

Listen to personal stories and Watch videos..


Senior Seminars

Carol provides Senior Seminars that apply NLP principles. Neuro-Linguistic Programming emphasizes language use. Our language-based thinking and communication has great influence on our emotional and physical health in a number of ways.

Current NLP-based "Senior Seminars" include:

Forgive for the Health of It
(often offered during the Winter Holidays)

Laugh for the Health of It

Your Body Believes Every Word You Say


What Was "New" and Still Worth Talking About and Revisiting. (Next)


Power Point Presentations

March 15th and 17th, 2016 Irish sayings and blessings were presented to two senior center. See March, 2016 calendar

Power point presentations (background slides) introduced leprechaun tales, Irish sayings and blessings, and Irish jokes. A group singalong followed the story of the origins of "Danny Boy."


Watch Carol's audition video for the 2013 Weber State University Storytelling Festival (February 25-27). Carol told "More True Lies." on Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. You can watch "Hunting the Wild Haggis." Watch "The Three Piddle Ligs too!"

Numerous contacts have requested "The Three Piddle Ligs."

Watch More True Lies right now!

A New Book

Carol is a contributing author to this innovative new book you will want to learn about! How to be a Storyteller--Essays and Advice. The Kindle and paper back versions are already available at Amazon.com. Editor: Sean Buvala at Storyteller.net
Be sure to visit Carol's Premium page Storyteller.net/tellers/cesterreicher

The book is now available from http://Amazon.com

Also new....Carol's page on the Utah Education Network invites other Utah Educators to explore storytelling as an important literacy skill. Link to my page/60902.


Personal Stories

\Murray City Schools Project 2014-2018

Murray, Utah schools are participated in their fourth year of resident Storytellers tutoring elementary and secondary students and senior citizens in the art of storytelling.

Students perform their stories in their local schools at the completion of their tutuoring.

Representatives judged to be the best at the participating grade levels perform at a school assembly where a second judging selects a school representive to perform at a festival scheduled for March 12, 2016 at Murray High School.

The program is being sponsored by Murray City and Zoo, Arts, & Parks for a fourth year.



What else is new?

Performing artists including Storytellers post their artists' profiles and upcoming events on Now Playing Utah. Be sure to check the site for storytelling events and tellers!

The Gale Center for History and Culture in South Jordan schedules a "Terrific Tuesday" usually during the last week of each month. This free family-oriented program is advertised in a half page ad in the South Valley Journal monthly. Storytelling and a take-home craft are the frequent topics. Carol is often the Storyteller.

What's New Storytelling in Senior Settings

Although Carol provides programs without any funding support, senior centers invite her to present her seasonal, holiday, and other storytelling experiences.

Introduction: Being in awe of writers, I enrolled in a weekly writing class several years ago where the participants recount anecdotes they have written about and they invite critiques of their work. A published author meets with us twice monthly for instruction. This year, I am submitting a literary proposal--essays to be read at the Utah Arts Festival in June.

I believe it is important to write about and to tell about the memories that are the essential fabric of our lives--some of mine are here for you to consider. When they inspire you to write and tell your stories and perform them as essays or retold personal tales, I will have achieved my intent!


What Used to be "New" in Recent Years


The 2011 Silver Pen Essay Competition theme was: "The Best Vacation Ever." At the Awards Ceremony, my essay took 2nd place!
Silver Pen Award 2011: "The Best Vacation Ever"

Other Essays

<Back to Story Types page>


New Exploration in 2012
Carol is exploring how Storytellers can enhance their marketing strategies and learn to promote their events by inserting photos into post card and greeting card templates to send to Arts Councils and other potential Venues.

You can learn more here on the "What's New" Button as I gain more information. Connect with me by email for the distributor number and card web site if you want to start exploring on your own.


Scandinavian Festivals
Carol was invited back with other Storytellers for the 2011 and 2012 Festivals.
Carol told "Groundcherry Dresses" and embellished the Saga of the Sanpitch story with the song, "Sing Your Way Home at the Close of the Day." The audience sang along with Carol and her husband, Joe's harmonica accompaniment.




Always newly refreshed and ready to deliver!

Urban Legends and Noodlehead Tales

Absolutely true stories about something that happened to a friend of a friend of a friend's uncle cousin!

Tales of getting even include: Call Waiting, Not Much of a Man, and The Hotel Reservationist.

Carol's favorite: The Lipstick Mafia





Learn about Magic Workshops for students wanting to be creative about school talent show performances.


Portrayals of Significant Women in U.S. History

Learn more about Carol's recent projects:
Portrayals of Significant Women in U.S. History


Betsy Ross tells what it was like during Revolutionary War days in early U.S. History. Legend has it that she designed the first Stars and Stripes at the request of General George Washington.



Margaret Gardner relates her story about pioneer life in the Western United States in the early 1800's.

She was first wife of Archibald Gardner.

At Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts events, Carol portrays the Widow Olsen who took in laundry to support herself and her children. She tends (and defends) her garden pea patch against the menacing rooster, Old Red! This is a first person portrayal based on a true story embellished by Clive Romney.


At the Annual Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim, a storytelling contest was added to the event. Carol won the First Place prize for her portrayal of the 15-year-old girl who was assigned the position of Chief Telegrapher at the first telegraph office in Ephraim, UT on September 5, 1869.

Learn more about Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts.






Magicians are also Storytellers! That's how they make every

day magic tricks spellbinding and amazing. They call their creative stories "patter."
You can do it too!

At Scout-o-Rama 2009 Carol visited with 14 Cub Scout Leaders who expressed interest in inviting this program to their locations.

Arrow Point Trail Elective 13: Magic


For more past June/July/August events, explore the list and know that these programs are still available!



Enjoy music and
storytelling in the restful settings of the Gallivan Center and Pioneer Park--bring your lunch all summer long!

Carol performs along with other Storytellers every summer.

Check Carol Esterreicher's Home Page on the Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts site. A new adventure unfolds!

Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts




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Always new and refreshed!

My audiences have complimented the ease and spontaneity with which I have been known to perform classic tales using "spoonerisms" which reverse and rearrange sounds and syllables, people request them over and over again!

Adults who recall a 20th century radio announcer, Colonel Stoopnagle, long to hear this foolishness!

Word Play

Beeping Sleauty!

Invite Carol to tell the whole story at your event!

The audience at the First Annual Kanab Storytelling Festival enjoyed Beeping Sleauty. Carol appeared there with other members of The Traveling Tellers Performing Artists Tour.

Hear the beginning up to the point where the "ficked wairy" pronounces her "pagic smell."


Three Piddle Ligs Listen!
Hear what the wolf says when he "__pells smiggies."
Requests have come recently from Canada, North Dakota, Oregon, North Carolina, Utah, and many other states!


The Three Piddle Ligs <--Download the pdf.
(Workshops and CD audio tutorial now available)
Use this "Spoonerized" word play to reverse/rearrange sounds and syllables. This activity promotes phonological awareness and spelling skills!

Three Piddle Ligs
That is terrific. I know it will bring a lot of joy to both children and adults alike! What a wonderful gift you have. We need more people like you to go out and create joy in others. Thank you!      

Nancy Eichin /Durham, NC


Coyote and the Magic Words (audio)

Coyote and the Magic Words (video intro)
Hear just the inviting introduction....


Listen to Gold Spinning Guy (The misnamed title is not Howlin' and Growlin'--just listen!)

Gold Spinning Guy--Who could that be?
If you guessed Rumpelstiltskin, you are correct!

Gold Spinning Guy<--Download the pdf.
Introduction topic: Lipograms as a literary device featuring omissions of selected sounds.

Rumpelstiltskin without any "R" sounds
This is an original adaptation by Carol Esterreicher.
(Workshops, CD audio tutorial, and complete story now available)

Build an extensive vocabulary! This way of telling (retelling) a story really accesses your personal "thesaurus." The activity promotes use of synonyms in a novel context.

Listen to the opening lines of Gold Spinning Guy.
Notice how all the words that would have contained "R" sounds have been changed!



The storytelling connection to literacy
is experiencing renewed interest!
Read Carol's blogs. For comments on storytelling as literacy and word play, scroll down quickly to August blogs.

(subscription to be available soon)


What else is new? These links change often!




Language and Communications Building on the University of Utah Campus

This is where presentations focusing on our language and its evolutionary changes. Folklore and fairy tales is the focal point. The Colloquium is open to the public.


Storytelling at Pioneer Park's Picnic Series
Get ready for Summer, 2009 too!



Here you can read and print out a copy of Carol's article: "Why Word Play?"

Enjoy fairy tales and other classics with a new twist! Carol's article on Word Play strategies is one you will be glad you read! Find it on this storytellers' site. You can also hear the popular "Chright Before Nistmas" by clicking on the option to listen.


"...simply delightful!
The clever switches in language were masterful!"

--Karla Huntsman, Utah Storytelling Guild


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Use this amusing word play activity to promote phonological awareness and spelling skills!
Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince!
Beeping Sleauty!



Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof (Substitutions)
Carol just performed this spoof at the Utah Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City. The Lunch Bunch event from noon until 1:00 p.m. takes place every work day during the months of May through September. Be prepared for more storytellers in 2007!

(CD audio tutorial and complete story now available)
Soon you will be able to listen to a few lines from the story and download the pdf.


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