2015 January Photos Winter Warmth


Leprechauns Never Lie!

Power Point slides from white board drawings as the story progressed helped preschoolers attend to the story.

Getting Ready for
Mother's Day

at the Gale Center on
April 30, 2013

Everybody likes to help!

Come again on
April 29, 2014 and make a card for your mother or someone you love a lot!




Friday Fringe Presentation

July 30, 2010
NSN Conference to be repeated at the annual Florida Storytelling Association's Story Camp March
25, 2011



School administrators, library managers, event planners and those who come to enjoy the stories have a lot to say!


Jeannie McCagno, a parent from Holladay wrote, "Carol's magical way of telling a story brings the full spectrum of each character to life and her warmth creates an environment which inspires even the most timid child to relax and thoroughly enjoy her stories."






West Jordan Librarian, Lucinda, set out a variety of
of books and music CDs for check out.

















Channing Hall School Celebration of Springtime in Europe featured storytelling by Carol Esterreicher.

Families gathered to hear folk tales.

A copy of Carol's new CD "Fables, Folk, and Fairy Tales -- My Way, " was donated to the library.














Look for more Leprechaun magic photos here soon!

When asked what she liked best, Alisha Kimoana wrote "The magic tricks were really fun, and of course the cute Storyteller."

Leprechauns make gold disappear!











The Gale Center of History and Culture

Porcupine and Raccoon Go Into Business!

"I loved the Three Pittle Ligs!" --Anna Smith (parent/South Jordan)








Tales to Tickle Your Funny Bone!
(word play)

Sandy Library


Bingham Creek Library














School Assemblies

Heartland Elementary

Butterfield Canyon Elementary





Ready for 5 storytelling sessions!

Students K-6 and their families enjoyed fables, folk, and fairy tales.














Free pdf download of Three Piddle Ligs has found rave reviews across the United States and Canada!





Storytellers "Circle of Excellence"
NLP-Based Workshop, 2008

Here is what Storytellers said:

St George, UT
Storyfest 2007
Organized by LaRee Jones

Carol, a Storyteller and Master Practitioner of NLP, designed an adaptation of a Neuro-Linguistic Programming process called "Circle of Excellence."





Christmas Eve, 2007 guests came from Connecticut, Michigan, California, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Maine

2008 guests came from Hawaii, Missouri, California, and Utah

Through 2010 Carol has continued as Solitude's Christmas Eve Storyteller!





Bend, Oregon Storytellers Comment

Gaia Creates Herself
--a Sacred Earth mythic tradition


Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince (Chince Prarming!)






Draper Elementary
Super Literacy

"Reading Weaves Magic"














StoryFest 2006
Enjoy the album!

Please know this is my first album before I realized how to do it!

The Tale of
Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof

"The whooshclutter rumbled to her residue!"

(The woodcutter ran to her rescue.)

We got to enjoy this delightful variation based on a popular story again!

Olympus Tellers have been performing during the summers

12:00 Noon at
The Utah Gallivan Center

Lunch Bunch Event





Watch for even more Storytellers during the 2009 Lunch Bunch season!

So far, audiences have enjoyed

Barbara Blackhurst Karl Behling
Carol Esterreicher
Rachel Hedman
Janine Nishiguchi
Holly Robison
Nola VanWagenen









Guidelines for Fracturing Tales are featured in Carol's book.

[Workshops] page.

See Amazon.com for remaining copies.








Salt Lake Tribune Close up

Salt Lake Tribune,
July 29, 2005










An invitation to family celebration

Taylorsville Dayzz

At the last "_moke of stridnight" the magic will "sippadear!"















Although 2018 has barely begun, Carol has presented her increasingly popular workshop, "Laugh for the Health of it." At Mill Creek Senior Center the program specialist commented on her energy and proposed to invite her back soon.


These quotes are typical of those during the 2017 storytelling events in several venues.

For several years this has been an end-of-the-month Terrific Tuesday at the Gale Center! Check the South Jordan Journal for the 2017 line up.

2016 "Recap"
February 23 "Get Ready for Easter"

This mom, Halley Miranda, said, "very fun presentation and activity. My kids were engaged and enjoyed it."

March 29 "Get Ready for April Fool's Day!"
April 26 "Spring is Here."

2015 Did you miss the fun?

January 27 "Winter Warmth"
February 24 "Leprechauns and Luck"
March 31 "Get Ready for Easter"
April 28 "Fairy Tales"
June 30 "Pets Pets Pets!"
July 28 "Celebrate Parks and Recreation."
August 25 "Dr. Seuss--Acclaimed Author"
September 29 "Autumn Has Arrived!"
October 27 "Spooky Fun"

Terrific Tuesdays continue with a variety of topics and presenters. Some events are scheduled on Terrific Tuesday evenings, so check the South Jordan Journal each month.

Parents had this to say (included here with their permission):

August: Remembering Dr. Seuss

Natalie Dalton says “Thank you. This was fun!” She liked the library books.
Kim Yejkg said, “She kept the kids captivated and I learned interesting facts too.  The kids enjoyed the craft.”  She liked the Duck Feet craft and the library books.
Shilo Moore said, “The Storyteller was wonderful and Sweet.”  Shilo said she enjoyed the presentation, the story, library books and the Craft.
Nadine said, “Carol was very pleasant and great with the children.  She especially enjoyed the children’s participation walking around in their paper Duck Feet.

July: Celebrate Parks and Recreation!

Amber Ahlberg:  “We had a blast! Thanks for the fun activity.”
Katie Iron: “This was extremely adorable.  Perfect length and craft for toddlers.
Veronica Castellanos:  Overall beautiful event! All moms should take their kids to this terrific Tuesday! Such a blast for the whole family! “ Heart
Elizabeth Olsen:  “I loved hearing about all of the playground areas we can go find and explore! (also happy to know there is a map at the City Hall!“)

June: Pets! Pets! Pets!

Gina Sipos wrote, "Carol, I think you are a fabulous grandma to all the little children. You have a calm manner about you that keeps the children's attention." Gina's daughter, Rachel Sipos added, "I loved all of it. You remind me of my favorite grandma.!"

Heather Smith wrote, "Thanks for making kids feel special with their comments!" (each child spoke into a hand-held microphone which circulated among the children who wanted to share something)

February: Leprechauns Never Lie!

"I loved the presenter! I could see my son was drawn in by her amazing storytelling talent and honestly I was too!!" --Jo Ann Williams

"Carol was so engaging. It was quite a large group of adults and lots of young kids. She kept our attention. She is just darling. Loved listening to her :) " --Rebekah Cole

"I loved the story with the hand-drawn pictures--it kept my attention even though I am a grandma! Excellent and so entertaining"--Kathy O' Brien Howell

Last year....

April, 2014

At the Gale Center for History and Culture in South Jordan, Utah, a gathering of Girl Scouts and other guests learned about the history of Mother's Day and they created fantastic original Mother's Day cards. Some of the childreh traced their hand on one panel of the card so their mom's would have a nice memory when they grow up. They could choose from tiny flowers, bows, stickers, and novel gift paper cut outs.

The array of glamorous and thoughtful cards was inspiring!

Girl Scout leader and teacherTammie Ynda commented "The kids loved it!" Candy Ponzurick, a grandparent and Gale Center Museum Coordinator noticed, "The kids were having so much fun." A parent, Natalie Copky commented, "I loved how you made history so interesting for the kids! They loved making the cards too!


July, 2010 and again March 2011

Western Regional Oracle Award Recognition

At the National Storytelling Network's Award dinner in San Antonio, Texas on July 9, 2011 Carol received the Western Region Oracle Award for Leadership and Service. She was nominated by the Utah Storytelling Guild and her nomination was one from eight states in the western region. Carol advocated for Storytellers to be acknowledged as "Performing Artists" on a prominent Utah events website: http://www.nowplayingutah.com

To add to the satisfaction, Storytellers can announce their events in the category: Storyteller (as opposed to "other"). Be sure to visit the web site and check out two of Carol's upcoming events on May 31st and July 29th.


At the National Storytelling Network Conference in Los Angeles, on July 30, 2010, Carol performed a "Fringe" presentation -- Alakazam! We Have Talent Too!

Storytellers from Missouri, Utah, California, Florida, and Maine were in the audience. When asked what they liked best about this program, here were some of the comments:

"Carol's warmth, gentle humor and affection for the kids she told us about"

"You had the audience the whole time. Your voice can have us feel like we are friends forever--whether or not this is the first time you've seen us."

"imagining how to help special ed students do that sequence"

"...several creative ideas for use in sequencing storytelling -- thank you!"

"how to use storytelling to meet educational objectives-- ...use of the presentation of magic tricks to help children (people) overcome shyness, learn to emote, and have fun!"


February 15 Union Park 6th Ward Literacy Event

Carol has been including some hillarious "Noodlehead Tales" on her story programs. Ariana Williams, a teen in the Union Park 6th Ward in Midvale, Utah, wrote on February 15th, "I loved the Whose Horse is Whose? --it was great!" Karma Eskelsen commented, "I loved the storytelling with the puppets--it brings it to life." Other comments included, "What a treat for our group of parents and their children. They were all so intrigued with Aesop's great fables!"

Magic Talent Show library workshop
Channing Hall School Event
Gale Center
Tales to Tickle Your Funny Bone (word play)
School Assemblies
Farmington Storytelling Festival
Salt Lake County Library Programs
Circle of Excellence for Storytellers (workshop)
Christmas Eve at Solitude Ski Resort
Bend Oregon Storytellers Comment
Literacy Events
Wasatch Elementary Arts Showcase

Memories and Albums



Calvin Smith Library...
Splish Splash Splish! What a Fish

On August 10th at the Calvin Smith Library in South Salt Lake, parents and children participated in the "Magic Fish" story-plus-craft event.

Penny Butterfield, a parent from Holladay, Utah wrote, "This was a great event! The story captivated all of my kids (ages 2,4, and 6) and was very entertaining. We all enjoyed it being told instead of read. Making their own magic fish was great and they loved the variety of things to put on their fish. We had a great time."



On July 18th parents and children at the West Jordan library had this to say about Carol's "Create a Magic Talent Show" workshop..

"...excellent tips for kids to do a Magic Talent show." --Miriam Thahira Hyder, Toastmaster

"...nice job to help youngsters learn how to do a magic show. I thought the handkerchief to rabbit was a big hit!" Al Lampkin, Professional Magician

In response to the Crazy Loops Trick (Moebus strip) enjoy these comments:

"I liked cutting the paper and you tricking me." --Daniel Bennion/West Jordan student



"It got me thinking about learning more. It is more interesting than I thought.
Mindy Bennion/West Jordan parent

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On April 23, 2009 Channing Hall, a charter school (Draper, Utah), held a Springtime in Europe celebration. Storytelling added to the evening of dance, games, arts, and other entertainment held in the gym where student exhibits promoted cultural awareness of European countries.
Stories from Russia, Poland,
Austria, France, England, Germany, Greece and other countries were on the agenda!

When asked what they liked best about this Storytelling program, this is what family members from Utah wrote.

Missy (parent/Draper) wrote, “They reminded me of the stories my nana used to tell when I was a girl.”

Sue (grandparent/Riverton) wrote, "Carol is a great storyteller. She has the children mesmerized."

Timothy (parent) wrote, “ A great variety of stories. Carol captivated the children with her tales.”

Fae (grandparent/Virgin, UT) wrote, “…Your obvious enthusiasm for storytelling…your mellifluous voice…” I’ve taught storytelling and loved telling stories. Your bright presentation was charming, fun, and an unexpected treat! Thank you.”

Todd (parent/Riverton) wrote, “I was impressed with the way she could keep the attention of the children.”

Mike (parent/Sandy) wrote that he liked “how Carol was very illustrative during the stories.”

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The Gale Center of History and Culture
Every Tuesday something exciting happens in South Jordan, Utah!

We just celebrated St. Patrick's Day 2011 with a story about Leprechauns and their hiding gold. Carol then demonstrated how to make gold disappear and then reappear again. She made up a magical leprechaun story about the trick and then gave each child the materials to take home. There was a lot of time for practice so the children could fool someone who had not seen "the secret." About 65 parents and children came in response to an inviting article in the South Valley Journal and a "Terrific Tuesday announcement posted at the Gale Center!


Hear the story! Learn to do the magic! Take your magic trick home!



On April 28, 2010, at the Gale Center of History and Culture in South Jordan, a responsive audience enjoyed "Noodleheads, Tricksters, and Tulip Tales."

April Cobb (parent/South Jordan) wrote "It is wonderful to be reminded of classic stories with a twist. I'm so glad to have my children introduced to good old fashion storytelling to show them how fun it can be to step away from the TV and use their imagination. Thank you."

Lucy Crookston (grandparent) wrote, "More-more-more. New stories -- well told --action naturally"

Grant Woolston (grandparent/South Jordan) wrote, "The stories were easily understood by the children. The stories were well told and amusing."

Another person attending complimented the storyteller saying, "Awesome storytelling artist!"

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At The Sandy Library on April 15th and the Bingham Creek Library on May 4th, a family audience enjoyed
"Tales to Tickle Your Funny Bone."

  • Wendy Whittaker (parent/Sandy) wrote:

    “Ms Esterreicher is very animated and professional. The introduction to the stories was very interesting and deepened the experience. My kids enjoyed it too.”

  • Stephanie G. (parent/Sandy) wrote:

    “So funny! It was priceless to hear my five-year-old belly chuckle so loud! I liked the short introduction and background on Spoonerisms. I also had fun and I’m 37!” Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Bingham Creek parents and students really started speaking the same language!

  • Nancy M Thomas, (parent/South Jordan) wrote, “I have always loved fairy tales and this was a fun twist. Or tun fwist. (smile). It got my brain going. Thanks.”
  • Nicholas V. Poll (student/South Jordan) wrote, “ I liked most of it but the switch-ups from nowhere ‘ low me for a throop.’”
  • Christi Poll (parent/South Jordan wrote, “ I think you are an amazing storyteller! I like the pace of your spoonerisms—it gives us time to make the connections in our brains.”
  • Robert Poll (parent/South Jordan) wrote, “Carol has an easy manner, tailoring her story to a broad spectrum of listeners. Spoonerisms are great. Sound reinforcement was very natural.”

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You are one "smokin'" Storyteller!
--Lloyd Alexander, President Metro Club of Toastmaster's International







In January school assemblies in the Jordan School District, teachers provided feedback that continues to help to shape and refine these assemblies.

Susan Labrum, a teacher at Heartland Elementary says, "I like the explanations of the different kinds of stories. I also liked how you added detail to an existing story to create more interest. This will help students as they prepare to do their own storytelling."

Lucy McDowell, another Heartland teacher, said she especially liked the fairy tale, Beeping Sleauty.

Bonnie Clark, a teacher at Butterfield Canyon Elementary, commented, "The stories were interesting and diverse. It was great to hear details about the authors, and the countries of origin. The students were quiet and engaged the whole presentation."

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Wasatch Elementary School Arts Showcase
December 9, 2009

Among the written feedback comments, these are the ones who gave permission to quote them.

They are pretty representative of the overall feedback. 
"Beeping Sleauty"
had the kids "in stitches" --begging for repeats of the story lines they loved the best.  The Tangled Up Feet and Whose Horse is Whose? were popular "Noodlehead Tales" the students wanted to hear again.

Grace Richards wrote, "I loved the way you did motions."
Kelsey Beck wrote that what she liked best about the stories was, "they were funny."
David Richards said the program was "very entertaining for children and adults.  Each story had a great message."
Morgan Dutson said, "good story!"
Lisa Joss-Moore liked the "Three Piddle Ligs" best
Magaly McMannis wrote, "I loved the way you talk.  It takes you into the story."




At the 5th Annual Farmington Storytelling Festival on January 24th, Carol told Beeping Sleauty and engaged several of the children in imagining that they were among the people in the castle to suddenly were enchanted into a 100-year sleep.

After hearing Carol Esterreicher tell the tale of Beeping Sleauty (Sleeping Beauty told in "spoonerisms") Patti Sadler, a student from Fruit Heights, wrote " I love how you geared it toward the audience and how you involved the children with the 100 years of sleep.  That was fun!"



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Salt Lake County Library Programs drew "applause" for the children and adults. See February for some examples of sock puppets made at the Holladay Library after the story: Valentines are Pink and Your Feet Really Stink!

Children at the Kearns Library made really cool valentines. Gina Christenot, a parent wrote, "My son loves story time! He enjoyed this craft so much, he made 2!"





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The Three Piddle Ligs <--Download the pdf. (temporarily updating this pdf)

Regarding the download....

That is terrific. I know it will bring a lot of joy to both children and adults alike! What a wonderful gift you have. We need more people like you to go out and create joy in others. Thank you!      

Nancy Eichin /Durham, NC


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"Circle of Excellence!"
Workshop attendees say.....

"I loved this! It is so worthwhile to experience the calm and the confidence needed before the "storm" or the test of our ability and talent."
--LaRee Jones, Conference Organizer

"I think it will grow and develop with my life experiences and with my changing needs. I love the circle I created!"
--Wendy Gourley, Storyteller, President of the Utah Storytelling Guild

"Whether this workshop is taken one time or many times, there is always room for more excellence."
--Rachel Hedman, Storyteller and recipient of the J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist grant.

"...Now I can take my Circle of Excellence with me whenever I step into my role as a Storyteller. I see other applications for it in other roles in my life."
--Suzanne Hudson, Storyteller

"Something different--it may really help me relax before a performance."
--Lori Hanson, Storyteller

"I'm going to try this!"
--Omar Hanson, Storyteller



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Christmas Eve at Club Solitude
(2004-2010) It's a tradition!

What did you like best about this storytelling program?
"the spirit of Christmas that Carol conveyed"

What suggestions do you have for Carol?
"none--perfectly wonderful."

--Cara Kennedy, parent
Orlando, Florida (2007)

Chen Ying Lee (2008), a parent from Honolulu wrote, "I like how you get the children engaged in the program. It's amazing how many stories you have in your head and how you tell with such expression."

From Years Past

Carol, Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful presentation last evening. We really appreciate you having taken the time to come on Christmas Eve. Your wonderful talent added so much to the evening for our guests.

We look forward to having you back!
--Jim Roberts, Solitude Mountain Resort


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From Bend, OR

"I enjoyed both of your stories I like the use of your body language that also helped in telling the stories!"
--Diana Velasquez

"Your voice tone, animation, repetition (light to dark), created an enchanting atmosphere."
--Carolyn Flowers



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Jordan School District Literacy Specialists hire Carol to tell stories at literacy events.

Reading Weaves Magic at Draper Elementary School's Super Literacy Event March 25, 2006

Carol told the tairy fale of Beeping Sleauty and taught the students a magic trick too!

"It's a fun and energetic way to tell stories to younger children." I'd like to see you "interact the spoonerisms with the audience." --Alisha Willett

"The story was funny." I liked "learning how to do the string thingy," (magic trick) --Kyle Brown


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StoryFest 2006

What a wonderful gathering of like hearts ready to connect with each other by way of story!

The Story:

Carol "brought the house down" at the Saturday night Children's concert with her hilarious delivery of Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof. After the story, children were overheard rehearsing their fascination with the strange sounding word substitutions "wooshclutter.....wooshclutter....whooshclutter."

After hearing "Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof," audience members shared the following:

"I had lots of children there and I loved how you involved them and how much they laughed and enjoyed your story." -- Rene Sheets.

"You certainly are a good example of what you teach!"
--Derle Thorpe, Logan Utah

"Carol, I always enjoy hearing you perform your unusual stories. You have such a unique depth of knowledge when it comes to words and how they fit into the English language. It's poetry!"

--Billie J. Jones, President
Olympus Chapter/Utah Storytelling Guild



"I love to watch Carol as she plays with words while telling stories. Her listeners hang on her every word as she delights them with stories like Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof."
--Suzanne Hudson, Olympus Chapter of Utah Storytelling Guild


"...simply delightful! The clever switches in language were masterful!"
-Karla Huntsman, Utah Storytelling Guild


"I really liked how funny reversing the letters was and how you had to really engage and think about it. The gestures and actions were great. It was an all around good time for everyone re-experiencing an old favorite!"

--Susie Nilsson, Storyteller

"I loved the play on words. You are phenomenal to carry these mixed up words throughout a whole story. You have the ability to take a well-known story and breathe new life into it. Your stories are delightful and funny. I don't know how you do it.

Carol, I loved the way your story progresses and your pacing based upon the audience feedback. You know how to read your audience."

--Janine Nishiguchi,
Storyteller & former President of
The Utah Storytelling Guild

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The Storyfest Workshop:

I wonder about ways to develop new stories. Thanks for all the great ideas. --Derle Thorpe

Derle attended Carol's workshop:
Fracture a Fairy
Tale Snapshot.

Derle's group which included three storytellers produced The Blue-Suspendered, Purple Hat, Muddy Boots Boy! Reciting the list of goodies in the basket was truly a tongue twisting experience.


What I liked best about your Fractured Fairy Tale workshop was "all the different ideas and ways to fracture a story. It gets me thinking."
--Laurie Allen, Secretary, Utah Storytelling Guild


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From the Salt Lake Tribune's Close-Up Correspondent.


Congratulations on the class! I am so excited for you and I think it’s such a great practice to be spreading around that nothing but good can come from that. Very exciting. I’am still interested in doing a story on NLP, I just haven’t pinpointed the publication for it.

Good Luck! 




After East Mill Creek's 6th Ward Halloween party for youth ages 12-18, comments included, "Thank you so much for providing such enjoyable entertainment! You were the perfect addition to our Halloween activity."

Susan Bagley

"Tickled Tales" are Terrific!

Following a Sandy/Draper Close-up article in the Salt Lake Tribune, here's what some of the readers had to say!

Hi Carol,
I just read your news article in the Tribune-A spinner of smiles.  What a great article.  That is awesome to have them write such a neat article about YOU.  I didn't know you have written a book and I have enjoyed your web site also.  Carol your such a wonderful person I always enjoy hearing about the funny stories or magic you do.  Thank you for sharing your article with me.  See you soon.         Amy

Farmington Cultural Arts Council Storytelling Festivals
, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The Farmington Cultural Arts Council wishes to thank you for participating in our Storytelling Festival. Your work was greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you so much."


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" I love to see your humor emerging in your telling. Its delightful to see how much fun you have telling these funny stories. It helps the audience to have more fun too."
--Suzanne Hudson, Olympus Chapter/Utah Storytelling Guild

"What a gifted storyteller and what fun for the audience. It is wonderful when people share their talents so willingly for the enjoyment of others."
--Marlene Biehler and Eleanor Bass
Taylorsville Arts Council/Taylorsville Dayzz Committee

After presenting a brief version of Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince at an entertainment showcase at the Sandy Senior Center, an audience member commented, "I wish you had done the longer version!" --Keith Hodge, Sandy Senior Center

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Thank you for the wonderful job you did telling stories in the Bowery at our Pumpkin Patch event. I was able to listen from "afar" and thoroughly enjoyed your performance."
--Jan Harris, Director of Programs.
This is the Place Heritage Park

Salt Lake City, Utah

Audiences in general have commented "hilarious!" "fun!" "different!"
They are often amazed and ask "How in the world are you able to do that?"(speak in spoonerisms)

At This is the Place Heritage Park's Candlelight Christmas Event,
Carol's telling of author Cynthia Rylant's touching story, Silver Packages drew applause over and over again!

Carol "warmed up"some of her audiences with a novel version of
The Night Before Christmas. So, next December, when you plan your holiday event, be sure to ask Carol to tell The Chright Before Nistmas (spoonerism version).

StoryFest at Weber State University
Storytellers, teachers, councilors, retired health care professionals and other participants agreed that Carol was well-prepared and knowledgeable.

"This was an excellent workshop. It was fun to learn new inventive ideas to get children involved in
writing stories and using their imaginations!"
--Mary Halverson, Member/Utah Storytelling Guild

"I only wish you could pocket your knowledge in a pill. Thank you."
-- Ho Williams, a writer and promoter of storytelling

You are one "smokin'" Storyteller!
--Lloyd Alexander, President Metro Club of Toastmaster's International

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