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Link to Albums of photos from Guild and Chapter Events.

Revisit Carol's outdoor gathering at Lone Peak Park (article link below)

Salt Lake Tribune,
July 29, 2005


Contact Larry O'Sullivan --The Button Man --
[email protected]

Contacts and Links -- Statewide and National

National Storytelling Network
Click on [Find a Teller] when you visit


Now Playing Utah
For the latest announcements of performing artists statewide visit

Find out who is telling stories! Choose Storytelling from the drop down menu of the [Spoken & Written Word] button link.

Here you can participate by announcing your events and entering your own artist's profile. Join other storytellers who have established a web presence on this site. This web site was launched in April, 2008. It is the result of collaboration of the Utah Arts Council, Zoo, Arts, and Parks, and the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors' Bureau.

It is Carol's opinion that this "Utah Arts Coalition" web site is a trusted alternative to social network web sites.

Utah Education Network

Link to my UEN page too!
As a licensed Utah Educator, Carol provides school assemblies, student and teacher workshops, and storytelling coaching.


Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts
Visit a data base of Storytellers nationwide. Learn more about events and storytelling techniques shared by many multi-talented tellers. Connect with resources that will help you to enhance your stories. Connect directly to my premium page and read my article, "Why Word Play?" Listen to "The Chright Before Nistmas

Enjoy exploring the site after you visit my page where you can print out
my article, "Why Word Play?" and listen to my recording of the
ight Before Nistmas (a classic holiday tale told in "spoonerisms").

Utah Storytelling Guild
Use the directory link to find storytellers (search by name or story type).
Contact information is located on each teller's directory page.
Enhance your special event with a talented Utah Storyteller!

Utah Storytelling Guild/Olympus Chapter Meetings are 2nd Wednesdays at the downtown Salt Lake City Library. Coaching starts at 6:00 p.m. The meeting which includes storytelling, announcements, and workshops, starts at 7:00 p.m. We are usually in one of the downstairs meeting rooms. So ask at the information desk when your arrive. These meetings are open to the public. Come share a story and experience the magic!

Carol and six other Storytellers toured for two seasons having been hired through the Utah Arts Council. as "The Traveling Tellers." a group of the Utah Performing Artists Tour. See the Zion's and Kanab's albums!

The Traveling Tellers performed at the combined Zion's Storytelling Festival and the Utah Storytelling Guild's 2007 Storyfest in St. George. They told stories at Springdale Elementary in the afternoon on Friday, May 4th and then entertained the community at an evening program that same day. On Saturday,

The Traveling Tellers
created a program that was a salute to pioneers moving westward along the Oregon Trail and the Mormon hand-cart trek. The Springdale Community contributed to a two-hour program of Springdale's talent.

The Traveling Tellers performed at the First Annual Kanab Storytelling Festival (2007) as well.

The Traveling Tellers-- Janine, Dan, Holly, Carol, Jan, Billie, and Suzanne--storytellers from the Olympus Chapter of the Utah Storytelling Guild-- toured the state responding to invitations to provide their storytelling programs to schools and other venues during the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 seasons.

You can still contact any of these tellers by their first names! Just check the Directory at


Timpanogos Storytelling Festival
This annual event takes place at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is reputed to be second only to the National Storytelling Festival!

The mission--" preserve and promote the art of storytelling throughout the west." Be sure to check this site for other important links to storytelling resources!

National Storytelling Network
Our mission: " Bringing together and nurturing individuals and organizations that use the power of storytelling in all its forms."

The NSN sponsors an annual storytelling conference and an annual storytelling festival, offers a calendar of national storytelling events, a directory of storytellers, an invaluable bi-monthly magazine, and a whole lot more.

Esterreicher, C. (1995). SCAMPER Strategies--
Fundamental Activities for Narrative Development

This book, enjoying a successful 11 years in publication, is still available from

Much of SCAMPER Strategies is still made available as handouts in many of Carol's workshops for students, teachers, parents, home educators, and storytellers. See [Products]. See [Workshops].

Other Contacts

Looking for Pirate Stories?

Daniel Bishop, now in Idaho, shows up dressed like a pirate and gets the kids to Arrrrgh! His email is [email protected]

Pamela Hanks is one you want. Contact her at [email protected].or
Visit her web site:

Pamela Hanks has also been the Editor of the Utah Storytelling Guild's newsletter,
The Taleswapper which is distributed on-line quarterly. When you have an event or topic you wish to publish, contact Pamela for current and updated information.


Looking for Nationally Recognized Consultants?

--Kevin D. Cordi
National Youth Storytelling Consultant
Executive Director of Voices Across America Storytelling Project
Columbus, OH

Looking Resourceful Youth Storytelling Advocates?
(1) Then Rachel Hedman, Member of the Utah Storytelling Guild, is someone you'll want to contact! Rachel has added several BLOGs to her site. You will want to acquaint yourself with this dynamic teller and youth teller advocate. Maybe we can get Rachel to teach us how to add BLOG's to our storytelling sites! (big hint)

Visit her web site:

(2) Another noted advocate for youth tellers is Nannette Watts whose whole family is involved in storytelling: [email protected]

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