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Adults in Fractured Fairy Tale Worshops enjoy the entertaining and comical effects of wordplay.

Janine Nishiguchi, former President of the Utah Storytelling Guild had this to say...

"After learning about how to fracture a tale, it was fun to try some of the strategies in small groups. You were so prepared! The time went by so quickly!"







































Workshop Choices

Teacher and Tutor Workshops

Senior Citizens

During 2014 through 2017 adults at the Murray Senior Citizen Center in Murray, Utah have participated in Carol's residency workshops. They have learned effective ways of creating personal and "tellable" stories based on their years of many memorable experiences. The most accomplished individuals have participated in the Murray Storytelling Festival in Murray, Utah. Five strong
"graduates" will be performing on stage at the annual Story Crossroads event at the Viridian (West Jordan, UT Library)

Some comments from participants include (with permission):

James Wind commented, "Carol has a way about her that motivates others in their own stories."

Etta Evenson wrote that,"hearing others telling stories helped me to make mine better." When asked if I tell enough (or too many) examples of story types, Ettta wrote, "They helped me understand better how to tell a story. Descriptions are GREAT."

JoAnna Hohannesen agreed that hearing others' stories being told helped her to gain a new understanding of how to tell her own story better.

Adele Crockett wrote, "You have given many examples of how to act out a story, or to add sensory images to what you are telling. I learned a lot."

Teachers and Students

Carol presents workshops that focus on storytelling and narrative development. She uses a text she has authored based on a creativity model--SCAMPER Strategies--FUNdamental Actiities for Narrative Development. The book is available through popular booksellers such as


SCAMPER Strategies workshops focus on a model guiding students to Substitute, Combine, Modify, Put to Other Use, Eliminate, Reverse/Rearrange story elements. The results are much like the many popularized "fractured fairy tales" we have come to enjoy.

Relate these strategies directly to Language Arts Core Curriculum and the Fine Arts Core/Theatre Curricula. The workshops last from two to four hours in a single session or several meetings.

Regular educators, special educators, and related services personnel in the Jordan School District and the Granite School District have benefited from her workshops.

Carol has presented SCAMPER Strategies and other language arts topics at summer Language Arts Institutes sponsored by the Utah State Office of Education.

She has been invited by several state associations of speech/language pathologists to present her workshops at their conventions. Early childhood educators in Texas have included her in their convention programs as well.

Learn more about Carol's storytelling, entertainment magic, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming workshops for educators!

Tutor Workshops

A Salt Lake County Aging Services (Salt Lake City, UT) sponsored a storytelling strategies workshop for tutors which Carol presented on October 12, 2007. Twenty participants discovered strategies they could put into play immediately. They commented especially on the word play strategies they intend to add to what they already have in their storytelling repertoire.

Antonio Dudley, one of the participants who works with the "America Reads" program at the Salt Lake Community College, a self proclaimed lover of words, "poet, essayist, songwriter, dictionary nerd....." said the workshop was "fabulously informative!"

Salt Lake County Bridges Program
Storytelling Workshop for Tutors

Tell a story in a different way:
Short play/scene
"Hot Seat"
Word Play Strategies
Song or Dance

Download the Bridges Workshop Outline/Report

Circle of Excellence Workshop for Storytellers

Teachers and Tutors |Students

|Home Educators & General Public

Explore this link and take a look at the trolls!

As one of the "The Traveling Tellers" during the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 Utah Arts Council's Performing Artist Tour
Carol will be provided workshops on fracturing tales and wordplay strategies applied to traditional tales.

Carol is available for wordplay workshops all year round--regardless of the theme!

Each year, as we get closer to Christmas, interest in The Chright Before Nistmas increases. To hear a recording, visit A Request from a music teacher in Oklahoma was received recently.

Teachers who are looking for amusing ways to promote phonological awareness, vocabulary, and spelling skills find wordplay activities challenging and fun during any season.



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Student Workshops

Fractured Tales:

Individuals or small groups collaborate on inventing "scampered" versions of familiar tales. They learn to Substitute, Combine, Modify, Put to Other Use, Eliminate, Reverse/Rearrange a familiar story's elements to invent a new and amusing version. "Story Snapshots" can substitute for an entire tale and make very entertaining classroom drama! Imagine a courtroom drama and how you would defend yourself after killing the Big Bad Wolf!

Visit [Applause] to learn how audiences responded to Carol's workshop: "Fracture a FairyTale."

At the StoryFest 2006. held at This is the Place Heritage Park, The Tale of Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof evoked rowdy laughter and many positive comments.


Students also learn how to apply "spoonerisms" to words, phrases, and sentences in order to create such strange stories as the Three Pittle Ligs and others!

Students enjoy entertaining their friends, their parents, and their younger siblings with these "tickled tales!" Just imagine Red Riding Hood "flicking the powers" in the woods!

Students also learn how "substitutions" strategies lend themselves to inventing strange sounding tales such as Ladle Rat Rotten Hoof!

Another similar wordplay project could find them inventing Ladle Ring Ruffle Hoop!

Recall the literary device called "lipograms." Using this device, Carol tells The Tale of Winter White (Snow White) while excluding all "s" and "z" sounds. Excluding all "x" and "soft c" really challenges students' spelling skills and vocabulary knowledge while they are having fun.

Just try to tell Rumplestiltskin without using any "r" sounds! Carol's Gold Spinning Guy is "performance ready" and "workshop ready too!"


Poetry Forms:

Explore rhyming and non-rhyming poetry forms. Learn how to summarize an entire tale in a single verse of poetry! SCAMPER Strategies includes a whole section on how to do this. In her workshops for teachers and students, Carol demonstrates how to compose couplets, limericks, diamonte, cinquain, haiku, lanterns, acrostic, songs, and rap.

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During her three years as storyteller at Borders Books, Music, and Cafe at Crossroads Mall in Salt Lake City, Carol read books and told stories. Each event included a related craft.

Just imagine your children listening to Dr. Seuss's hilarious Sleep Book. Won't they just love the sleep masks they make to remind them of such a funny story?

There are many (many) more to choose from! Duck Feet, The Shoemaker and the Elves, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff are among the most popular.

At Thanksgiving Point Children's Discovery Garden (Alpine Exit 284 off Interstate 15) we made trolls from pine cones, hairy fabric, facial features and humongous hands and feet. Carol's helpers, Lexie, Lori, Chris, and Laurie made sure that all the children attending the storytelling event got to finish an ugly (of course) troll.

This is the second summer that Carol has been invited to this exquisite garden location to tell stories on Saturday mornings.

When you invite Carol to do a workshop, be sure to ask for The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Ugly Troll!



Story Plus! Magic You Can Do in Salt Lake County Public Libraries

Salt Lake County Library's newsletters promoted Carol's Story Plus Magic! programs in September, October, and November 2008! Check out March, 2009 for a Leprechaun Story Plus Magic!

Leprechaun Magic You Can do -- take the materials home and perform the trick again for your family!





The Magic and Storytelling Connection

Entertainment magic requires a story! It's an elegant communication tool! When we combine an interesting story, vibrant well-honed communication skills, and the enticement of a magic trick, the enchantment is exquisite! During her 30 years as a Speech and Language Pathologist, Carol has tutored numerous school students in this incredible storytelling, performing, and communicating art!

She uses a book she authored called "Now You See It! Now You Don't!--Sequential Tricks for Developing Language. The lessons conform to Bloom's Taxonomy and therefore engage participants at all levels of language understanding and use.


Magic Workshops

For Classroom Teachers

This entertaining activity utilizes Bloom's Taxonomies (Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor). Magic promotes verbal and social interaction.

Students go straight to their school libraries in pursuit of more! They entertain in grade level and school talent shows!

Teachers enjoy the generous handouts Carol provides from her book, Now You See It, Now You Don't--Sequential Tricks for Developing Language.

For Seniors

Got Magic? Carol has already held two workshops at the Sandy Senior Center--Magic for Grandmas and Grandpas!

For School Students

Carol teaches school students the entertaining art of sequencing the steps and developing the script -- "the patter." The students perform either to their own script, music, or both. They learn to engage audience participation. Carol's students have performed in their school's talent shows.

Visit this link to the local chapter of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.


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Storytellers' Workshops

Storytellers look for ways to enhance the skills they already employ in their art. Carol offers them opportunities to apply NLP principles (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

One of her most requested NLP 90-minute workshops, called Create You Own "Circle of Excellence" is a favorite among storytellers and participants in community education classes.

In the meantime as you begin to create your own "Circle of Excellence" just visualize: (1) all of your desired and actual best qualities that you bring to your storytelling, (2) excellent storytelling mentors you would like to model, (3) colors, sounds (including applause!), music and other sensory impressions that can contribute immensely to your own storytelling excellence. These are but a few of the elements that can be there for you as you step into your "Circle of Excellence" each time you share a story.

FYI: Did you realize that at the Grand Old Opry Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee there is a Circle of hard wood flooring imbedded in the stage. This is a piece of the old stage where country and western music had its beginnings--where the traditional musicians, vocalists, and entertaining personalities made their debuts and charmed audiences for generations.

Another NLP workshop called "Sensory Enhancement" delightfully surprises storytellers. The workshop expands immensely on the notion of appealing to the listeners' senses (vision, hearing, emotional feelings, touch, motion, smell, taste, and intuition).

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Home Educators' Workshops

Home Educators look for ways to teach verbal and written narrative skills that address the State's Language Arts Core standards. Carol relates her lessons and learning opportunities to both the Language Arts Curriculum and Fine Arts/Theatre Core Curriculum.

A certified Utah educator and speech/language pathologist, Carol has presented SCAMPER Strategies seminars numerous times to audiences at state conventions and national conventions of The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Refer to Teacher and Student Workshops (above) for more information on SCAMPER Strategies.

One of Carol's most enjoyable one-hour to 90-minute workshops introduces educators to inventive ways to adapt standard fairy tales in order to create new, entertaining, and innovative versions.

Another workshop provided in previous State of Utah Summer Literacy conferences, demonstrates how to adapt many poetry forms in order to create surprisingly charming retold tales.

For the General Public

Business and social groups express interest in how storytelling relates to them. Organizations such as the IABC, the Intermountain Association of Business Communicators, have expressed their interest and invited Carol to provide a brief seminar. Mothers and More families enjoyed the stories Carol brought to their event.

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Carol provides magic workshops for Grandparents and for children beginning to explore their talents for performing entertainment magic for classroom and school talent shows.

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