Carol Esterreicher, Ed.S.
Storyteller, Author,
NLP Master Practitioner

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Whether you have been curious about storytelling or have already discovered its "magical enchanting powers," you are encouraged to enjoy this site.

A national award-winning Storyteller, Carol is an Educational Specialist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She provides seminars and discussions that teach the many applications of this art and science of managing your language, thoughts, and beliefs so as to promote a positive and healthy life style. She provides workshops in community education settings and senior centers.

Currently Carol's primary focus has been adult and senior populations at organizational meetings, senior centers, and independent/asisted living centers in Salt Lake County, Utah. She lives in Draper, UT with her husband of 56 years and the latest of many cherished cats through the years. The Esterreicher's adult children reside in Utah, Florida, and Texas.

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On this continuing UEN website, Carol invites school personnel to explore the Home and Storytelling pages. Prepared classroom and assembly programs relating to Storytelling and to Seasonal Holiday celebrations are ready to enjoy year after year!

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Review Carol's Portfolio to learn more about this Utah Educator, Author, Workshop presenter, and Storyteller. You will also find a list of places where she has told stories and provided workshops.

Become acquainted with her book and other Products she shares in her many Workshops.

Learn about the many Story Types she enjoys shares with her audiences that range from preschool through senior citizens.

Visit Press Room to find colored as well as black/white photos for your newsletter or storytelling event announcement. Usually Carol produces a flyer for your specific event. To find out what others say about Carol's storytelling and her workshops see Applause.

What's New?

The storytelling connection to literacy is experiencing renewed interest!
Read Carol's blogs on literacy. The principles continue to be relevant..

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Carol applies her skills as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in many ways. One of her favorites is a popular workshop entitled: Circle of Excellence. In the storytelling world there is a prized award called the Circle of Excellence. In the NLP world there are many powerful and effective processes--one of which is also called Circle of Excellence.

Carol's workshop employs the NLP process with individuals and groups. She teaches how to build your own virtual Circle of Excellence (a "stacked anchor") to support all of your most valued traits, talents, and aspirations!

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